Recharge and get paid is setup to provide a wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves.

The mission of Recharge and get paid is to provide safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built.

If you are like us who are tired of online business inconsistency, products movement and hawking round the street on a daily basis, RECHARGE AND GET PAID is the solution.

RAGP is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through VTU be it Mtn, Glo, 9mobile or airtel, same thing with data, Dstv, Gotv, Star times and soon they are working towards including WAEC, NECO, JAMB registration and NEPA Bills. The company is just about some years old.

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Can you imagine?
When Mtn came to Nigeria, Obasanjo the then President of Nigeria gets 1naira on every recharge per person.
Now calculate: if 1,000,000 persons recharge 100 naira recharge card, how much will Obasanjo get on that day alone ?
Find out for yourself;

"Nigerians spend a minimum of N238,000,000,000 monthly on recharge cards"

The people that have the license of networks are those that buy directly from them and has the right to sell at their price. They determine the price of your recharge card...

There is a growing company in Abuja called "Recharge and Get paid".
They have the license of all the network and also cable stations.
They have open the opportunity for all of us to get paid when you either buy a recharge card or sell a recharge card directly from them.
They are given you an opportunity to make wealth on every recharge that you load.

1. You have a right to buy VTU from the company and sell VTU.
2. You have 1000 naira or more on your registration and on every person you invite.
3. On any VTU you sold, you will get an interest instantly that is you get paid instantly for selling VTU.

As much as you can buy and sell VTU cards and get paid to non-registered member, you must endeavor to get more people that will join and buy and sell VTU from the company...

Every one you invite directly, whenever they sell VTU, they get paid and you also that introduce them also get paid instantly. WOW! That sounds good!

Using Recharge card is now a very strong HABIT. Have you ever ask yourself how much you spend on recharge card a month?
Some people buy recharge card more than the money they paid as offering in the church or as gift in the mosque.
Every single day, millions of people buy recharge cards and from each person that buy from you, you get paid and very interesting to know that even when you recharge, you get paid for using your recharge cards...
The opportunity is big...
To every recharge card you buy, you enrich someone...
When you buy recharge card from your bank, you enrich your bank,
Why can't you buy and sell recharge cards today and enrich yourself?

1st level      3persons               X       N1,000       =       N3,000
2nd level     9persons               X       N500          =       N4,500
3rd level      27persons             X       N250          =       N6,750
4th level      81 persons            X       N125          =       N10,125
5th level      243 persons          X       N62.5         =       N15,187.5
6th level      729,persons         X       N50            =       N36,450
7th level      187persons          X       N50            =       109,350
8th level      6561 persons       X       N50            =       N328,050
9th,level      19683 persons     X       50               =       N984,150
10th level    59049 persons     X       N50            =       N2,952,450
Total earning
Wow this is interesting……………………

To start making money on recharge and get paid, you need to first create account by chosen any of the packages below:
Basic Member .....................   5,000
Bronze Member ..................    10,000
Silver Member .....................   20,000
Gold Member .....................    30,000
Diamond Member .............     40,000
Platinum Member .............      50,000
After creation of account then you proceed to creation of VTU account.


Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!
Please be informed that you can now use bank wire for registration..

1. E-wallet
2. E-pins

3. Bank Wire
Which are very effective for now.

1. Logon the RAGP website...
2. Login to your back office (Account using your user name and password)
3. Click on buy pin on the list of those numerous links below
4. Select the epin amount equivalent to the level of registration  I.e (5000, 10,000 to 50,000)
5. Select ewallet as your payment method.
6. Click on Purchase to generate your epin.
7. Now retrieve your epin/Voucher number by clicking on epin history, it is displayed there for you to copy for your registration.

Money is deducted automatically from your wallet to pay for the epin, check your wallet amount first before purchase. If you have cash at hand, you can give it to a partner who has money in the wallet to generate the epin for you while he takes the cash.

But I will recommend that you use BANK WIRE or E-WALLET to activate your account because it is the easiest one to go about..

You can call or WHATSAPP this number for information on how to go about it.. +2348137482050

Thank you!
But the interesting thing about the platform is that you are paid commission as you share the opportunity and get others to subscribe to it. You are also paid commissions each time you and the people you referred buy airtime or data of whichever network.







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What It Mean To Fall In Love With A Wrong Person?

 As singles and married couples, you are to deliberately work things out in your relationship or marriage and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

In a relationship and or marriage, you are to work things out. A relationship or courtship does not lead to marriage automatically, you are to work things out in your disposition, attitude and reactions. A marriage does not just succeed; you are to work things out between yourselves.
Now there are some couple combinations that are sure to crack along the way. When you find yourself in these spots, you need to seek help prayerfully and with a lot of wisdom to address the lurking issues. Here are those combinations:
1. Two people who are unbelievers
Two people who are unbelievers may love themselves, may be committed to each other, but when the storms of life come, they will fight their battles alone and you know, some of those battles can be very fierce.
They will not have God’s support since they don’t have a relationship with God. They will not have the benefit of son ship and it can be very intense! They need to connect with God!
2. Two people who are believers but refuse to grow
The second group of couples are those who may be believers but whose minds are not renewed. The only thing is that they already have a relationship with God, but apart from that, they are still carnal.
They still do their stuffs like unbelievers would do. They still want to have fun in forbidden areas and they still want to explore the perverse, which would often come with dire consequences.
My advice for couples in this group is that they seek help as soon as possible.
3. Two people where one is born again and the other is not
Here is another scenario that doesn’t always play out well, except with a lot of patience, prayers and perseverance. I always advise singles, don’t think of getting married to someone who doesn’t have a relationship with God.
It would always be filled with challenges that you might have to fight alone, because you are not agreed on your choice of weapons.
It can be frustrating while one is praying, the other is clubbing.
You want to pray, but he or she thinks you are just being fanatical. That can be very disconcerting, to say the least.
It is always a good combo when both are agreed and are going in the same direction in terms of belief systems and practices.
If they both married as unbelievers and then one gets born again first, the one is to pray for the salvation of the other patiently until he or she is saved as well.
4. Two people who are sentimental
When two people who are sentimental get married, their lives will be devoid of principles that are meant to keep them focused and energetic in their marriage and home.
Two sentimental people will always judge a situation from sentimental point of view rather than principles. In no time, they can ruin themselves because you cannot go very far living and swimming in the ocean of sentiments.
They would not be able to achieve much because they would have excuses for their mediocre lifestyles.
5. Two people who are often uncontrollably angry 
Two angry people in a relationship and marriage cannot go far. See the scriptures:
Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go: Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul (Proverbs 22:24-25 KJV)
The scripture here advises that you should not get involved with somebody that has anger problems and who refuses to work at it.
An angry man can take a knife or gun one day and end it all. An angry wife can ruin things in seconds.
Take a look at the Message Translation:
Don't hang out with angry people; don't keep company with hotheads. Bad temper is contagious–– don't get infected (Proverbs 22:24-25 Message)
6. Two people who are deceptive
Another dangerous combo is ‘two people who are deceptive.’ They both operate under delusion of grandeur. They tell themselves lies and refuse to confront each other.
They sweep things under the carpet and live under illusions. They deliberately flout God’s principles hoping that somehow things will work out.
Everybody around them wonders why they can’t see the obvious. They are unapproachable and unreachable. But the scripture is very clear:
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7 KJV)
No matter how we pretend, we cannot mock God. You can do all of that with humans, but not with God. At the end of the day, it is not worth it wasting time on what would not work.
7. Two people who are unforgiving
Lastly, two people who refuse to forgive one another easily can block the blessings of God in their marriage, home and life.
Bitterness of heart is a blessing blocker. If one of the couple is forgiving and praying for the other, it can be easier in resolving the issues, but when both parties are hurt and bitter from time to time, they are not helping themselves, they are not helping their home and of course, the inflow of God’s blessings and favour will be truncated.
Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; (Hebrews 12:15 KJV)

Root of bitterness in a marriage will eventually spring up and get everybody including children defiled.
The way out

So what do you do? Seek help. Don’t keep quiet and watch things degenerate. Re-connect to God and pray a lot.

Seek wisdom from pastors or mentors. Seek to understand your spouse and see how he or she is thinking to have the right perspective.
I pray concerning every storm in your relationship and or marriage today, be still in Jesus name! I speak the peace of God, Shalom, not missing, nothing broken over you and yours in Jesus name!

5 Habits That Will Make You Fail in Business

5 Habits That Will Make You Fail in Business

You’re starving for a “big break”
It’s good to be hungry, but people who are starving are desperate and will run towards a source of professional nourishment with their fangs out. It’s not hard to figure out how this approach makes would-be contacts feel. The best networkers are those who approach other people with sincerity and a real desire to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship. They sit back and listen and do their best to learn and add value. I have said it many times before: Always offer something when you ask for something. If someone has gone out of their way for you, be gracious: don’t hound them to do more.
You’re surrounded by negative people
They say that we become most like the 5 people we surround ourselves with, but I am here to tell you that one negative Debbie/Daryl downer can ruin the vibe on an otherwise positive and productive team. Negativity is poison and it can ruin any chance of success in every part of your life. Downers drain those around them with their constant critical commentary and often manipulate others into spending their valuable energy to “save” them from their own misery. Spend your time working on projects, brainstorming and figuring out your next move instead of allowing them to bully you with doubt and “meh” mentality. Draw a boundary and don’t engage.
You believe that working the most hours is the only way to “win”
The competition between people to work the most is surreal and misguided. Think about it: If two people run five miles and one trained, ate well and was able to do it in 30 minutes and another took an hour, which one has it right? There is a big difference between always working, working hard and working smart. When I hear people bragging that they spent their weekends at their desk or complaining that they “worked until midnight,” I usually think of the student who waited until the night before the exam to open the book. Instead of showing how much time you can spend on something, work on empowering yourself with the skills to produce your best possible work in a reasonable amount of time. These skills include good time management, the ability to delegate and say “no”, laser focus and good follow through in addition to the task specific tools you’ll need to achieve the best results.
You’re motivated but don’t take action
We have all heard about the effects of placing your gym clothes by the bed as motivation to get up and go as well as the impact of having someone to hold you accountable for showing up where you say you need to be in order to get to where you want to go. While it’s nice to be motivated, the reality is that there will be days when you just don’t feel like doing what you need to do. This is why you need to have a plan that pushes you to take action. Whether it’s meeting with a mentor every week to go through task deadlines or paying fines for not showing up to a class or the gym (give them to charity), consequences and accountability are great ways to make changes in behavior.
You don’t know the difference between time and energy
Here’s a fact: The better you become at something, the more people will take notice. Many of them will want to achieve similar results in their own lives and reach out to you to ask for advice and help on projects. As much as you want to give, the reality is that, even if we can “make time,” we don’t always have the appropriate amount of energy to give away. Many goal-getters love to help others achieve. They share information and advice, but they also know that it is OK to tell a friend you cannot work for their company for free and they don’t feel guilty for suggesting a 15-minute phone call if they don’t have time to meet for coffee for an hour. They also place boundaries with bosses and lovers because they know they are at their very best when they are not feeling like a drained martyr. Bottom Line: mental and physical energy are essential for reaching your own goals and giving all of it away to the point of exhaustion.

Finally, A Way To Earn Money Right From You Phone - BITTREND GLOBAL RESOURCES

What's BitTrend Global Resources all about?

BitTrend Global Resources (BGR) is an investment and crypto currency trading platform; developed with the aim of building a robust financial system for the mutual prosperity of Us and our Investors. BitTrend is a company formed by a team of experienced cryptocurrency consultants, traders, financial experts, management and IT professionals with over 25 years combined experience in the blockchain and crypto currency industry, management and finance. We’re focused on providing our investors with steady and passive income for their investment; thereby building mutual prosperity.

At BitTrend, you invest a minimum of twenty thousand naira (N20,000) or $58 and a maximum of ten million naira (N10,000,000) or $28,572 per account and earn 25% of your capital (seed) monthly for 12 months.

Note: The first three months ROI will be accumulated together and will be paid to your account in the third month while the remaining ROI will be dropping into your account every month without you lifting your fingers... Yes that's how legit it is.....

Unlike the High Yield Investment Platforms (HYIP) or Ponzi schemes that you might have been used to or heard about; BitTrend actively engages your money in the day trading of cryptocurrencies on major exchanges, purchase and trading of ICOs, cryptocurrency mining, building and growing series of offline businesses -such as BGR Schools, BGR Transports, BGR Corporate Services, BGR Restaurants etc.. and engaging in short-term trading of selected products and services producing steady and consistent profits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About BitTrend:

Find here an updating list of the most recurring questions by other investors and prospects like you with clear answers. We hope these answers some of the questions you are having. If your question(s) is (are) not answered below please don't hesitate to ask us here.

What is the meaning of ROI?
ROI means Returns on Investment! That is the 25% you receive monthly is referred to as your ROI.

Is BitTrend Registered?
Yes! BitTrend is duly registered with the CAC in Nigeria as BITTREND GLOBAL RESOURCES; with Registration Number: RC: 2617644. You can search the CAC website to confirm this claim.

Do I have to withdraw my ROI monthly?
No! Your monthly ROI is paid directly into your bank account without you having to lift a finger.

Can I invest with crypto currencies
Yes! You can invest using one of our accepted crypto currencies (BTC or ETH), However, note that your monthly ROI will be paid directly into your bank account in Naira (N).

What is the Dollar ($) to Naira (N) exchange rate for investing with Crypto Currencies
Exchange rate when investing with coins is N350/1$

Must I refer before I earn?
No! BitTrend is not a MLM company. However, for every investor you referred to us you earn 5% referral commission.

Can I upgrade to a bigger plan?
Yes! If you invested 20,000 and after 2 months you want to upgrade to 50k; all you have to do is to pay 30,000 to get upgraded. You will receive 25% of the 50k for the remaining 10 months instead of 12 months because you have already earned 2 months.

Can I operate multiple accounts?
Yes! You can operate multiple accounts and the ROI for each will be deposited into your designated bank account on their separate due dates. It is more profitable to operate multiple accounts rather than upgrading an existing account.

What do I do next after completing my registration?
Nothing! After registration all you have to do is receive alerts and get updates from our official groups. Upon confirmation of payment (24hrs max); your registered account number will be added to the company auto pay roll system. So our bank sends your monthly ROI automatically to your account.

Is BitTrend Ponzi?
No! We are involved in actual trading of crypto currencies on major exchanges; flipping of icos and taking advantage of short term opportunities. A ponzi scheme is unsustainable. In a ponzi scheme, you’re paid with another member’s money, and that member is also paid with yet another member’s money and the chain of disaster continues like that until it reaches a peak and everything collapses like a house cards. BitTrend actively engages in productive activities that generates daily profits. Period!

Will I get my capital back after 12 month?
No! Your monthly ROI is inclusive of both your capital refund and profit. Do the maths; 384% of your investment amount will be paid to you in the period of 12 months. Remove 100% which is your capital and your profit is 284% of any amount you have invested.

Can I withdraw my capital at anytime?
You can request a refund of your capital within the first 60 days (2 months) of creating the account. However, you will be charged 25% inconvenience fee and the balance returned to you including what you have earned within that 60 days past. After the 12 months, the contract expires and you have to reinvest to keep earning.

Can I refer myself?
NO! You cannot refer yourself. If anyone is caught cheating the system in this manner, you could forfeit your investment or lose your ROI. It is criminal to refer yourself on the BitTrend platform.
NOTE: This only means that you don’t get referral commissions on your multiple accounts.

When did BitTrend start?
BitTrend started operation on the 23rd of January, 2018 and was officially registered with the CAC on the 11th of June, 2018. For the record January 23rd shall be our anniversary.

Where is Your Office Located?
Our corporate Office is at: C8, Centre-Point Business Complex; No. 1 Garba Duba Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State. Nigeria

Do you have offices in other states?
Yes! Abuja and Ibadan and we have plans to have offices in all states of Nigeria.

You earn 25% of any amount you invest in BitTrend!!!

For example; when you invest:

BitTrend Global Resources: Naira payment Investments Plans

N20,000 = N5,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N60,000 for the whole Year

N50,000 = N12,500 Monthly X 12 Months = N150,000 for the whole Year

N100,000 = N25,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N300,000 for the whole Year

N250,000 = N62,500 Monthly X 12 Months = N750,000 for the whole Year

N1,000,000 = N250,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N3,000,000 for the whole Year

N5, 000,000 = N1,250,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N15,000,000 for the whole Year

N10,000,000 = N2,500,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N30,000,000 for the whole Year

N20,000,000 = N5,000,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N60,000,000 for the whole Year

N50,000,000 = N12,500,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N150,000,000 for the whole Year.

N100,000,000 = N25,000,000 Monthly X 12 Months = N300,000,000 for the whole Year

Note: When you invest with Naira, investment confirmation is within 24hours.

7 Reasons to Invest in BitTrend

1. ROI (i.e return on investment) is deposited directly into your bank
2. You get paid even on weekends
3. GUARANTEED safety of your investment capital
4. Your money works for you; invest and go to sleep.
5. Operate multiple accounts and enjoy increased returns.
6. Healthy returns on capital - 25%
7. Multiple earning potentials especially for networkers

With BitTrend your investment is 100% safe.
Join us in disrupting innovation.💪

How Do I Register NOW??

Click to open the button or link below

Get registered and make payment for the investment plan of your choice ranging from 20,000 to 10,000,000 using any of our payment channels (i.e Naira or Alternate Coins - BitCoin or Ethereum)

We will process and activate your account within 24 hours and notify you accordingly via e-mail.

NOTE: When filling the form, please use the e-mail address: as your referrer!

A benefactor & Rep to BitTrend Global Resources
Saying success is attainable only to those who persevere

Ask questions where you need more clarifications and I will personnel be glad to answer you in response to your question(s) +2348137482050 Calls or Whatsapp... you are wealthcome