The Power of 1000: Get Upto 5000 Daily With Coolnaira Online Networking in Nigeria Sure Way to Make Money: Scam or Real?

If you’ve ever used the search string, “how to make money online in Nigeria” then you must have possibly landed on coolnaira website, one of the networking platform owned by a Nigerian.
But landing on that page isn’t enough for you to be convinced to take immediate action because everyone is careful on who to deal with when it comes to online investments… plus the fact that a notorious ponzi scheme MMM has taught some Nigerians lessons. So when you see someone calling online networking business all sorts of name, don’t totally blame him. It could be that he was a victim of MMM Ponzi Scheme, or he doesn’t know how online networking works. Good enough, we did warn Nigerians who wanted to invest in any ponzi scheme last year how MMM victim lost over N500,000
We’ll reveal everything you need to know about coolnaira under the following sub-topics:
  • What is coolnaira?
  • Who owns coolnaira?
  • Is the company legally registered?
  • Where is Coolnaira head office?
  • How coolnaira operates
  • Is coolnaira a scam?
  • How do I participate?
  • Coolnaira registration processes to start making money online
  • Coolnaira dashboard analysis
  • Coolnaira Package analysis
  • How to Upgrade to CoolNaira Pro
  • How to withdraw your coolnaira earnings directly into your Nigerian bank account.
What is coolnaira? 
Coolnaira is a Uni-Level Marketing network that allows every Nigerian to make legitimate money online by upgrading from free membership to premium.
When you do this you begin to share your referral link or username, when anyone registers via your link and upgrade his account, you get 50% of his promembership status.

Who Owns Coolnaira?
Coolnaira Network is a product of G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web, e-marketing and ICT business firm.
Is The Company Legally Registerd?
Yes it’s legally registered under Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number (CAC BN 2453653).
Where is Coolnaira Office?
Head Office: Shop 51, Ladies Shopping Plaza, Oghara Delta State.
Branch: School of Business, Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe Oghara, Delta State
How Does Coolnaira Work?
Making money online is real. YES, you can quote me. But it’s possible for someone who has never made a dime online to be skeptical. We’re writing this post based on experience with the online networking platform, not as a referral who wants downlines. We’ve taken our time to carefully study how it operates. To know how something you join operates. The writer of this review successfully registered and upgraded to have a complete understanding of the entire system.
Earning passive income online requires consistency, promotion through the use of publishing platforms like blog, through social media like FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus etc.
I can reliably tell you that this is one of the ways you can tap to start making cool money online with little effort but strategic implementation of your marketing tactics.
When you join the network and make purchase of Coolnaira product pack with at least a token amount of ₦1,000 for premium pack (the pack comes with bonuses) or more, and you introduce someone to join the network using your coolnaira referral link or username, who also makes a purchase and pays the same amount you will earn 50% from his or her purchase.
At the moment, 1,000 will automatically be credited into your coolnaira account after upgrading as welcome bonus.
Upgrade Registration Bonuses
1) Meta Tag Generator:
2) Free Sitemap Generator
3) Website design + Client hosting strategies – Responsive Website tools and softaculous guide.
4) Sure Targeted Email List Tool and how to make money with it
5) 20,000 Banner Impressions (N 2,000 Value)
The more people that join the coolnaira online network using your link the more you accumulate 50% referral bonus from their upgrade… plus indirect earning commission of 5% from all your downlines. And when it’s up to N2,000 you can easily withdraw it into your bank account.
Ler’s assume Mr. somebody joins the online networking using your coolnasomebody, you will get 50%, you will also get 5% from whoever joins using Mr. somebody link as well (from levels 2 – 10). VERY SIMPLE!
However, your commission depends on the upgrade pack you are in. Remember that three upgrade packs are available (N1,000; N6,000; N10,000)
If anyone upgrades to higher package while you are on a lower package, you will only earn commission attached to the package you purchased.
If you purchase a DELUXE pack (which is N6,000), you will earn commission from both DELUXE and PREMIUM packs purchased under you.
If you purchase the APEX pack, you will have power to earn commission from all packages purchased under you. So decide which package you are capable of for a start.

Coolnaira Package Analysis:

Premium Pack Upgrade: One Thousand Naira
For instance if you upgraded to pro with N1,000 package you make N500 from each referral who registers under you.
Let’s assume you got 5 people who registered under you in a day, that is N500X5=N2,500. If you’re able to get 10 people, that’s N5,000 per day. That’s achievable.
Delux Pack Upgrade: Six Thousand Naira
Second, if you upgraded with N6,000, you would make N3,000 from each referral who registers under you. So assuming you have 5 registrations trough your link or username in a day, that is N3,000X5=N15,000
Apex Pack Upgrade: Ten Thousand Naira
The last upgrade package is N10,000. You’d make N5,000 from each referral registration under you. Assuming you have the same five people who registers using your link or username in a day (who also upgraded to apex pack), that translates to N5,000X5=N25,000 in a day.
However, I’d advise you to begin with N1,000 upgrade by the time you begin to feel the positive touch of the programme, you might want to upgrade to higher package.
You’ll have to put your referral link to work to start enjoying the 50% bonus from your downlines upgrading.

Coolnaira online networking isn’t a ponzi scheme that promises you 200% on your investment within a week or less without doing anything. That’s one MAJOR thing that makes it different.
Is Coolnaira A Scam?
From the above analysis and facts about coolnaira Nigerian networking investment, we can tell you that COOLNAIRA IS NOT A SCAM because of the following:
  • It is legally registered with CAC.
  • It has a physical address which hasn’t changed since it started.
  • It has paid out over fifteen million naira to its members (N15,723,040 as at March 14, 2018 : {15:22hours})
  • Pro/free members currently stand at 100,202.
  • It’s terms and conditions are straight forward and easy to understand
  • It is a workable model like other MLM, the only difference is that it doesn’t promise or give you car, but it has been designed to make you buy whatever you like with the real cash you make from your N1,000 investment.
  • Note: Other Multi Level Marketing Networks e.g Helping Hands International promises and gives out laptops, cars to its members, but coolnaira pays you direct money into your account.
How Can I Participate?
Coolnaira business model is designed in such a way that makes it open for every Nigerian who wants to start making passive income online legitimately.
It is open to students, civil servants, bloggers and others who want to have multiple sources of income.

All you need is browsing phone (if you like laptop) with data and access to the social media. If you’ve not started making use of social media for money, then you’re not completely utilizing the wide range of opportunities social media offers.

Ask the founders of the most popular and used social media today how he makes money, he’d tell you how he makes millions of dollars while he sleep. So you too can start making money
Coolnaira Registration Processes to Start Making Money Online
In case you want to start making cool naira cash in Nigeria based on the above explanation, you might want to know how to register for coolnaira online networking investment
Follow the following steps to register
Note: Your Coolnaira Sponsor is simplewale
Step 1: Enter coolnaira secured and official website at
Step 2: Clicking on the above link will automatically fill the SPONSOR, if it doesn’t just insert simplewale as your sponsor.

Don’t use generic sponsor like google. It’s better to use an existing sponsor username or link so that you’ll get faster support and assistance in case you encounter any problem along the way.
Step 3: Fill coolnaira registration form which includes: First namelast nameaddresscity, statephone, emailchoose your preferred username, choose a difficult to guess password and secure it, confirm your password.
Step 4: Click on JOIN NOW.
 Welcome on board!
Your Free Account will immediately be activated, so you don’t need to look for activation link in your mail.
To enjoy the full benefit of this programme, it’s highly RECOMMENDED that you upgrade to PRO.
Begin your registration below:

Register HERE

Coolnaira Dashboard Analysis
  1. Member home,
  2. Upgrade account: Click on this whenever you want to upgrade from free to pro, or when you want to upgrade to a higher pack
  3. Promotional centre: Click on Promotional Center from the menu to find your promotion tools, your unique referral link and banners that you can use to get members register under you.
  4. Statistics: Click on Statistics to see your earning and view members in your downline
  5. Withdrawal: Use the option if you’ve reached the minimum payout. It’s N2,000
  6. Bonus: This is where all your bonuses are packed. Click on this after your upgrade
  7. Profile: It contains your coolnaira details.
  8. Change Password: You can click on this option to change change your password.
  9. Logout: to exit from your dashboard
WhatsApp or call +2348137482050 in case you need assistance

How to Upgrade to Coolnaira Pro?

Upgrade Registration bonus
1) Meta Tag Generator:
2) Free Sitemap Generator
3) Website design + Client hosting strategies – Responsive Website tools and softaculous guide.
4) Sure Targeted Email List Tool and how to make money with it
5) 20,000 Banner Impressions (N 2,000 Value)
Plus Free blogspot blog

If you’re just registering remember that your Sponsor is simplewale
If you’ve successfully register a coolnaira FREE membership, it’s high time you started getting the full benefits of the programme by upgrading your account to Premium, which is also called PRO. This is when you begin to get 50% commission from each of your new registrants that use your coolnaira username or your referral link.
To do that is simple, you have three different method to upgrade your account to PRO:

Below are alternative options to pay your one-time upgrading fee:
  1. Online / Internet Money Transfer via VoguePay Processor
  2. ATM transfer
  3. Direct Bank Deposit
  4. Using USSD Code transfer method
Let’s analyse them one after the other.
Guide On How to Upgrade Your Coolnaira Account to Pro Using Online/internet Method

Step 1: Login to your coolnaira via
Step 2: Enter your username and password
Step 3: Click
You’d be taken to your dashboard. If you’re still using free membership, you’ll see in front of your full name with the word “FREE” in front of it.
Your dashboard contains:
  1. Member home,
  2. Upgrade account,
  3. Promotional centre,
  4. Statistics,
  5. Withdrawal,
  6. Bonus,
  7. Profile,
  8. Change Password,
  9. Logout
Step 4: Click on “Upgrade Account”
Step 5: You’ll see the three upgrade packages available. Click on Premium N1,000 one time upgrade fee
Step 6: You’ll be taken to VoguePay Online payment processor.

Step 7: Select your card type: available ones are Visa, MasterCard, and Verve
Step 8: There is space to enter your email address where the receipt of your payment will be sent. Enter a valid email address

Step 9: Click on “Make Payment” and allow the payment processor to load
Step 10: Click on your debit card logo
Step 11: Enter your card details: debit card number (16-digit), expiry day (month/year), and the security code of your card: that’s the last three digit at the back of signed area of your debit card.
Step 12: Click on “Pay”
Step 13: Click on “Receive OTP (via registered phone number/email)” if you don’t have token.
Step 14: Enter the digit that is sent to your phone number, and click on submit.
You’ll be redirected back to the Coolnaira portal after you made your payment.
Guide On How to Upgrade Your Coolnaira Account to Pro Using ATM Machine

Step 1: To use this option, locate any ATM machine around you and Insert Card
STEP 2Enter Pin And Press Proceed
STEP 3Press QuickTeller
STEP 4Press Interbank Transfers
STEP 5Select Funding Account Type
STEP 6Select Receiving Account Type (CURRENT)
STEP 7Select receiving Bank (select UBA BANK)
STEP 8Enter Account Number (Type 1019907993)
STEP 9Enter Amount and click Proceed
STEP 10Click Proceed if you accept the N100 charge
STEP 11Confirm details and click proceed if okay
STEP 12You’ll get the message “Transaction completed”
Very important: Please make sure you keep your debit alert when using this payment option for effective verification. Ensure you Login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.
Guide On How to Upgrade Your Coolnaira Account to Pro Using Bank Deposit Method

Bank Details
Bank Name: UBA
Account number: 1019907993
Account Name: G-Cyber Pressologies
Instructions: Use your login username + deposit slip number as depositors name.  After payment login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.
Guide On How to Upgrade Your Coolnaira Account to Pro Using Bank USSD Code Method

Press your bank USSD code money transfer with Account number: 1019907993
and follow the instruction below:

If you want to transfer using Mobile Payment, U-Mobile or mobile money app, their official Bank account: UBA and Account number 1019907993.
Very important: Please make sure you keep your debit alert when using this payment option for effective verification. Ensure you login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.

How to Withdraw Your Coolnaira Earnings Directly into Your Nigeria Bank Account
Login to your dashboard
From there click on “Withdawal”
Enter the amount you want to transfer into your local bank account
Input your Bank name, Account name, account number, Your phone number and your carrier, and your coolnaira password then Click Withdraw Money
And That’s all!
Wait for some minutes to receive your cash

If you’re convinced you can begin your coolnaira online networking registration below:

Register HERE

WhatsApp or call +2348137482050 in case you need assistance


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It is a crytocurrency that is communtiy-based. It has four ways of making cool daily cash from. They are as follows:

(1.) Lending - this is the investment part where you earn 20% to 40% based on the cryto-trading activities of the coin (BCC). Min investment here is $100 and you can also compound to increase your earnings faster by lending out whenever you earn $10.
The Lending part of it is basically the investment part of the business where u earn on average 1.50% daily!!
40-50% monthly
You have the option of re-investing since the minimum amount that can be re-invested is $10

(2.) Staking - You simply buy the coin (BCC) and you earn monthly interest on holding the coin in your BCC wallet
The Staking part of the business is for those who want to keep the main coin of the company in their BCC wallets. You earn between 5% to 10% extra on leaving it in ur wallet monthly, as well as, the coin value increases

(3.) Mining - since it is a cryto-coin (BCC) it is mined daily and you earn as the mined coin increases in value on the open crytocurrency market which you can view on

(4.) Bitconnect's referral program - You earn from this through the seven (7) level deep referral bonus plan. From 7% on your level 1 referrals
to 3% on level 2 referrals;
1% on level 3-4, 0.5% on your level 5 referrals,
0.3% on your level 6 referrals
and 0.2% on your level 7 referrals.

This excel sheet will show you the returns on re-investment of your daily interest:-


1. Deposit Bitcoin

--login to your bitconnect account , scroll down and click on bitcoin wallect

--click on deposit bitcoin and a bitcoin address will pop up , please carefully copy it and fund the btc address

--Automatically your bitconnect account will be credited

2. Click on Exchange

3. You will see Buy BCC and Sell BCC on Exchange page

4. Fill the BUY BCC form

5. Click on Last and Change it to ASK

6. Click On ALL

7. Check Selling Order to see if price and Size march your order


9. Follow these steps and you get an instant exchange execution.

10. Incase you do not have and instant execution, Find where MY OPEN ORDER is AND cancel ❌.  Then repeat the process.

P.s..Make sure ALL button is the last button you click on the form before clicking Buy bitconnect Coin.


-- Login to your bitconnect account , scroll down

--click on "Lending  Bitconnect/Reinvest"

--click on "Lending Bitconnect" put in the amount you want to invest.

Eg 100$ and scroll down and select the package that is 100$ above.

 Eg $100 - $1000 Volatility software interest

--Then click on "pay from bitconnect wallet and confirm the transaction


Same way when you want to withdraw - you convert your earned BCC to BTC (all done in your backoffice in few seconds) and send it to youur wallet

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What are you wishing in 2017? There is nothing as good as stable alternative income, too many people think they are poor because they have no money. They are wrong.
Some others think they are rich because they have money. They are wrong too.
Poverty is not the absence of money nor riches the presence of money. Poverty is a state of the mind. This is why you can be given so much money and still become broke in the near future.
Same reason you can be broke now but with the right mindset, you can become rich and wealthy.
My Liberty Family is not a get rich quick family. We truly believe everyone can be rich and wealthy if they have the right mindset, the right education.
My Liberty Family™ (MLF) is a real but virtual family founded by a group of men and women to improve social wellbeing of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status.
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When you decide to join My Liberty Family, MLF Jacob Tree™ requires a ONE TIME registration fee of (₦25,000), you would be required to provide some basic information that includes:
Full Name
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Intended Business Area of Interest
Your Bank Account and
Your Preferred Option
Let’s quickly explain the available two (2) options to you and their implications.
Option 1 (Default Option): You do NOT intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.
Option 2: You intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.
If you chose option 2, the system gives you two (2) weeks from the date of your membership to fulfill this obligation. If you meet this obligation on or before the expiration of the two (2) weeks, you are potentially regarded as qualified for about ₦10 million (₦9,837,000) to be precise. However, once your registration is confirmed (within 24 hours of Joining the Family), you will be placed in a tree immediately, in line for potential financial support ever before you may have introduced the 3 persons. But the system places you on the default option (Option 1). This is a potential ₦5 million financial support to you till the end of the 2 weeks.
If you do not fulfill the 3 persons obligation in 2 weeks, you will remain in the default plan till you time out with about ₦5 million. If you meet that obligation, the system will reimburse you with what was due within the 2 weeks of being in the default option and you will continue to receive financial support up to ₦9,837,000 in total.
If you only introduced 1 or 2 persons before the 2 weeks expire, you will still remain in the default platform but the system rewards you with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700, 000(cumulative) on each person depending on which option the person introduced also chooses. See how this works below.
Option 1 (Default Option) has somehow been explained above. With this option, you are not expected to do anything more than you already did which is to sign up with ₦25,000 to join the family system. The implication of this option is that even if you eventually introduce 3 persons before the end of 2 weeks, you would still not qualify for option 2, BUT you are rewarded the same way on every person you introduce either with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700,000 (cumulative).
Our first kind of Incentive is only planned for qualified option 2 members only. This is how this incentive works.
For an option 2 member, when you introduce the required 3 persons within your first 2 weeks in the family system, you would have received ₦3,000 from each of them meaning you already have received ₦9,000 instantly and the system rewards you with ₦5,000 in addition to that. So in your first 2 weeks, you would have received ₦14,000 from your ₦25,000 participation amount.
Main Incentive For Everyone Aside from the wealth of free business advisory services available to all members, the system rewards you on EVERYONE that uses your family reference code to join the MLF Jacob Family Tree™. If a person uses your code and qualifies as a ₦10 million member, the system rewards you on a weekly basis once your introduced person begins to receive financial support.
If someone uses your code and opts for ₦5 million, the system rewards you on a weekly basis once your introduced person begins to receive financial support.
There’s no limit to the number of persons that can use your Family ID
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Recharge and get paid is setup to provide a wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves.

The mission of Recharge and get paid is to provide safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built.

If you are like us who are tired of online business inconsistency, products movement and hawking round the street on a daily basis, RECHARGE AND GET PAID is the solution.

RAGP is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through VTU be it Mtn, Glo, 9mobile or airtel, same thing with data, Dstv, Gotv, Star times and soon they are working towards including WAEC, NECO, JAMB registration and NEPA Bills. The company is just about some years old.

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Can you imagine?
When Mtn came to Nigeria, Obasanjo the then President of Nigeria gets 1naira on every recharge per person.
Now calculate: if 1,000,000 persons recharge 100 naira recharge card, how much will Obasanjo get on that day alone ?
Find out for yourself;

"Nigerians spend a minimum of N238,000,000,000 monthly on recharge cards"

The people that have the license of networks are those that buy directly from them and has the right to sell at their price. They determine the price of your recharge card...

There is a growing company in Abuja called "Recharge and Get paid".
They have the license of all the network and also cable stations.
They have open the opportunity for all of us to get paid when you either buy a recharge card or sell a recharge card directly from them.
They are given you an opportunity to make wealth on every recharge that you load.

1. You have a right to buy VTU from the company and sell VTU.
2. You have 1000 naira or more on your registration and on every person you invite.
3. On any VTU you sold, you will get an interest instantly that is you get paid instantly for selling VTU.

As much as you can buy and sell VTU cards and get paid to non-registered member, you must endeavor to get more people that will join and buy and sell VTU from the company...

Every one you invite directly, whenever they sell VTU, they get paid and you also that introduce them also get paid instantly. WOW! That sounds good!

Using Recharge card is now a very strong HABIT. Have you ever ask yourself how much you spend on recharge card a month?
Some people buy recharge card more than the money they paid as offering in the church or as gift in the mosque.
Every single day, millions of people buy recharge cards and from each person that buy from you, you get paid and very interesting to know that even when you recharge, you get paid for using your recharge cards...
The opportunity is big...
To every recharge card you buy, you enrich someone...
When you buy recharge card from your bank, you enrich your bank,
Why can't you buy and sell recharge cards today and enrich yourself?

1st level      3persons               X       N1,000       =       N3,000
2nd level     9persons               X       N500          =       N4,500
3rd level      27persons             X       N250          =       N6,750
4th level      81 persons            X       N125          =       N10,125
5th level      243 persons          X       N62.5         =       N15,187.5
6th level      729,persons         X       N50            =       N36,450
7th level      187persons          X       N50            =       109,350
8th level      6561 persons       X       N50            =       N328,050
9th,level      19683 persons     X       50               =       N984,150
10th level    59049 persons     X       N50            =       N2,952,450
Total earning
Wow this is interesting……………………

To start making money on recharge and get paid, you need to first create account by chosen any of the packages below:
Basic Member .....................   5,000
Bronze Member ..................    10,000
Silver Member .....................   20,000
Gold Member .....................    30,000
Diamond Member .............     40,000
Platinum Member .............      50,000
After creation of account then you proceed to creation of VTU account.


Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!
Please be informed that you can now use bank wire for registration..

1. E-wallet
2. E-pins

3. Bank Wire
Which are very effective for now.

1. Logon the RAGP website...
2. Login to your back office (Account using your user name and password)
3. Click on buy pin on the list of those numerous links below
4. Select the epin amount equivalent to the level of registration  I.e (5000, 10,000 to 50,000)
5. Select ewallet as your payment method.
6. Click on Purchase to generate your epin.
7. Now retrieve your epin/Voucher number by clicking on epin history, it is displayed there for you to copy for your registration.

Money is deducted automatically from your wallet to pay for the epin, check your wallet amount first before purchase. If you have cash at hand, you can give it to a partner who has money in the wallet to generate the epin for you while he takes the cash.

But I will recommend that you use BANK WIRE or E-WALLET to activate your account because it is the easiest one to go about..

You can call or WHATSAPP this number for information on how to go about it.. +2348137482050

Thank you!
But the interesting thing about the platform is that you are paid commission as you share the opportunity and get others to subscribe to it. You are also paid commissions each time you and the people you referred buy airtime or data of whichever network.





The Great Power of 1000: Provide Help of just 1,000 Naira ONLY and Get GUARANTEED Help of over 200,000 Naira within 30 DAYS

Details of the system:

It's a networking business called E COOPERATIVE It's a program that makes you money while you sleep!

E cooperative is a peer to peer payment platform where you pay others and others pay you too.

This simply connotes that there is NO central account where money is paid and disbursed, rather, members pay directly to each other in order of uplines and downlines.

          HOW IT WORKS:


Level 1:
Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to.

Upon confirmation by the person, you will be automatically matched by the System to receive payment of 1,000 naira from 4 members, giving you a total of 4,000 naira.

Level 2:

After receiving your payment of 4,000 naira, you upgrade to level 2 by paying 2,500 naira (from the 4,000 naira you got from LEVEL 1) to a member in level 2 which the system will pair with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 2500 naira from 16 persons, which is 40,000 naira.

Here, you pay 5,000 naira (from the 40,000 naira you got from LEVEL 2) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed,you will be automatically matched to receive 5000 naira from 64 persons, which is 320,000 naira.

Here, you pay 10,000 naira (from the 320,000 naira you got from LEVEL 3) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 10,000 naira from 256 persons, which is 2,560,000 naira.

Differences between this system and other network businesses :

This system is unique. I will highlight it here:

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"We shall overcome by God’s grace”, MMM Nigeria top guider, Chuddy Ugorji reacts

MMM Nigeria’s number one guider, Chuddy Ugorji, has finally reacted to the MMM decision to pause withdrawals for one month.
Mr. Ugorji, who is quite active on social media, addressed several controversies and allegations leveled against him in a lengthy Facebook post on Friday.
A graduate of Karnataka State Open University in India, he is listed as the number one guider of the Ponzi scheme in Nigeria.
His wife, Amaka, had earlier calmed frayed nerves in a Facebook message she posted on Wednesday.
The pair tied the knot on November 12 in Lagos and their wedding was a certified “MMM” affair with the scheme’s logo and colours prominently displayed all through the festivities.
Many Nigerian socialites and celebrities including 5 Star Music act, Kcee, graced their wedding.
Further findings reveal that he joined MMM Global in 2015 and in 2016 played a major role in disseminating the Ponzi scheme’s gospel in Nigeria.
In his post, he said, just like every other MMM member in Nigeria, he woke up on Tuesday and saw the news that accounts have been frozen for a month and that he didn’t have any prior knowledge about it.
While debunking widespread claims that he is an admin on the MMM Nigerian site, Mr. Ugorji explained that he has always encouraged members to provide help only with their spare money and also get help at the end of 30 days.
In his parting note, he encouraged all ‘Mavrodians’ not to panic as the ban on their monies will soon be lifted on January 14, 2017 and everything will be back to normal in no time.
Read his Facebook post below:
This week has not been easy for all of us due to the news update on our POs. As we all know, the media has been a tool used by anti-MMMites and pessimists to fight against the growth of MMM Nigeria. Unfortunately some ignorant Nigerians who don’t understand what MMM is all about have been brainwashed by the information broadcasted by the media and social networks
Regarding the frozen mavro.
It is clearly stated on the news section on the website
Confirmed Mavro will be frozen for A MONTH .
The reason for this measure is evident. The system needs to prevent any problems that might arise during this festive season and this measure will be cancelled once the festive season comes to an end
Frozen of mavros does not mean MMM has stopped operations or crashed rather the system has adopted this measure to avoid any mishaps. The support system are working on issues to enhance the effectiveness of the community.
Also let’s note that contrary to what has been published by cheap bloggers, Am not the Admin of MMM but one of the top guiders of this great community. And non of us has access to the site, I woke up on Tuesdayand saw the News on my PO like every other person,
The MMM website is been managed in Russia by their control and supervisory team .They are responsible for every decision made,like pairing of participants to provide help and get help,resolving issues on the platform etc.
I have always been passionate about tutoring members and guiders about the ideology of MMM , the rules and the risk; I have encouraged members to provide help only with their SPARE MONEY and also get help at the end of 30 days. The reason members have to continue in this pattern of provide help and get help process is to ensure the sustainability of the system, because the platform is a peer to peer system, members knows that they own the system and pay only to themselves, There is no CENTRAL ACCOUNT.
Regarding getting help,every guider in the MMM community has a limit to withdrawal and I have never made withdrawals above my limit ,rather have always helped to ensure the growth of MMM Nigeria community.
Instead I have given more to the community through charity works and teaching of the ideology of MMM.
Bloggers who get paid for promoting rumour, when ignorant Nigerians click on their blogs, Google Ad sense pays them per click. Hence they seized this opportunity to enrich themselves even when most of them are participants and have taken more from the community, many of them are involved in uploading Fake Pop’s and multiple accounts all in the bid to frustrate the programme of the community and that is part of what is been looked into and it would be stop so that we have a healthy and stronger MMM NIGERIA in 2017
MMM founder is a Russian Sergey Mavrodi not a Philippines .I have never been to Philippines, the stories about going to the Philippines are untrue.
I stand for the true ideology of MMM which is anchored on providing and getting help willingly.
Let’s hope the best and STOP the PANIC! We shall overcome by God’s grace.

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